Monday, 30 March 2009

New Cat! Number.8

NEW CAT!!!! yes another.

  1. Monty
  2. Misty
  3. Sweetie Pie
  4. Buster
  5. Gingey
  6. Miss Kitty
  7. Charlie
  8. Lucky <<<----New!!

He was abandoned on a street int he middle of nowhere, my Dad picked him off the street and took him home, his gf thought he was 3 months old, but he was 6months + but so underfed he was tiny.

He has been vets and getting treated for cat flu, e.t.c. So hes in isolation in a room to himself atm!

Hes such a lovely lil kitty I dunno how anyone could abandon an animal, and if people are going least take them to a animal shelter!

He looks like a kitten visually cos he's small and he has beautiful eyes, hes gorgeous, I haven't touched him or played with him yet, I dont want to transfer cat flu from him to any of the other 1 million cats that use this house.

He isn't litter trained... Only problem because you have to do that from a very young age, lots of hard time consuming work for someone!

He's called Lucky because hes very lucky to be alive. :) I'll get a pic asap.

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