Monday, 30 March 2009

New Cat! Number.8

NEW CAT!!!! yes another.

  1. Monty
  2. Misty
  3. Sweetie Pie
  4. Buster
  5. Gingey
  6. Miss Kitty
  7. Charlie
  8. Lucky <<<----New!!

He was abandoned on a street int he middle of nowhere, my Dad picked him off the street and took him home, his gf thought he was 3 months old, but he was 6months + but so underfed he was tiny.

He has been vets and getting treated for cat flu, e.t.c. So hes in isolation in a room to himself atm!

Hes such a lovely lil kitty I dunno how anyone could abandon an animal, and if people are going least take them to a animal shelter!

He looks like a kitten visually cos he's small and he has beautiful eyes, hes gorgeous, I haven't touched him or played with him yet, I dont want to transfer cat flu from him to any of the other 1 million cats that use this house.

He isn't litter trained... Only problem because you have to do that from a very young age, lots of hard time consuming work for someone!

He's called Lucky because hes very lucky to be alive. :) I'll get a pic asap.

My Favorite Tanner :D

So yeah, a week or two ago, I went into boots and they had a clearance section, I checked out the stuff on it, and they had some no.7 Tinted tanning lotion. £5.65 instead of £11.50.

I thought I'd give it ago, I got the light/medium colour.

The packaging and the bottle is really nice, as son as you put it on you have a really lovely glow to your skin! I;ve been using it about every 3 days since I've got it, and I;ve got a really well built up tan now! I LOVE it, so much better than any Garnier, etc, tanning products. Its worth the original price to, so £5.65 makes it even better. I can't stop using it I love it. The real tan develops in 1-2 hours, but you can defo see the tan more after you have slept the next morning.

I went back and brought another, but they had ran out of light/medium, so i had to get a medium/dark, I'll see how this colour comes out, I may just stick to once a week with it being darker, I dont want to change my race exactly :)

Defo going to buy the new Dream Satin Foundation, heard good reviews on it and its so cheap :)


Sunday, 22 March 2009

New Mac Purchases & Sunday Market

I'll start off with my new MAC purchases :)

First off I got two new eyeshadows,

1. Charcoal Brown
2. Black Tied

I really like both these colours, espially the charcoal brown, its a really nice light matte brown, perfect for a new look im trying to perfect! The black tied wouldnt of been my first choice but they didnt have any carbon in, so I got black tied which will be great for nights out with the silver sparkle in them.

I also got a new lustre lipstick, this is in the colour "Ent Twined" I've looked on their website and you can't even buy it on the website anymore, im guessing its a colour that Isn't run anymore, but its a really nice light browny cream colour, its so nice. 

Thats all the MAC stuff I brought.

I went to sunday market today and I brought a big hello kitty plaque for my bedroom door XD Also these hot chocolate things that are like 2 quid each in tesco's these were 2 for £1, (oh how I love markets). I also got a box of Fruit Salad sweets, not had them in ages!

Hmm what else did I buy, oh a jacket potato lol some make up and other things which I can't remember!  

You can get such bargains at Sunday markets, I love them :D

KG xx

Friday, 20 March 2009

Make-Up & New Shoot

Hey fellow bloggers,

I went over to my friends house the other night, shes a trainee make up artist, shes really good. We had an urge to get a pot noodle each, but the local shops were all closed so we drove to the nearest tesco. (We nearly died in the process because the fog was so thick). 

Tesco was having a £1.50 make-up clearance, loads of stuff was only £1.50, alot of it was damaged or used, but there was untouched stuff that would originally of been defo over a fiver.
I got myself 3 things;

Maybelline Liquid Stay cream eyeshadow

I got this cream eyeshadow because there was a look I saw Angelina Jolie wearing, and to get it I needed something that looked creamy,  this was the perfect colour match to. However I
 wouldn't recommend it you have to wipe off at least 95% of what is on the brush and put thin layers on, 1 by 1, when you put on a thick layer in one go, you just get a big clump or line appear, I dont get on with cream eyeshadow's, so I shouldn't of brought it real
ly but it was only £1.50 so it was worth it.

L'Oreal Fallible Concealer

This is suppose to stop dark circles and imperfections appearing on your face when you are using it, I quite like this concealer, im not sure that it really covers very well, it probably is buildable on the coverage though, I like its packaging, very neat. Very good buy for £1.50.

Maybelline Watershine Gloss

Omg, this is the best £1.50 on make up I've ever spent! I love it, I got in 'Cafe Latte 509'. Its a really nice brown colour, It's quite sheer but does add a tint of colour aswell.  It stays well too, the occasional top up and its fine, I cant believe I got it for £1.50, I'm tempted to go back and see if they have still got the clearance on, because I know they had more of these Lipglosses there, probably haven't though :/

Also this week I got a new lipstick, Clarins 'Joli Rouge Long-Wearing Moisturizing Lipstick' in  '705' its like a purple but toned down, almost like a berry colour, It has slight pink/urple tones in it, with abit of red, Its beautiful, and its so moisturizing and soft.

I also brought the mac eyeshadow tempting, such a lovely colour, for people who dont know tempting is a brown/gold colour, its amazing,.

Going to cut this short now because I've got to get ready to go to the hairdressers ^_^

Having my red removed again and lightened, I will be blonde one day!!


KG xxx

Sunday, 15 March 2009


If you go onto and purchase 1 or more products off it and quote the code 'E2049' and you will get a free product!

I've become an ambassador for them, not trying to force you to buy anything, I hardly get any rewards for doing it, I just want people to know they can get a free product with that code!


buy buy buy

KG xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Oh My Days

I spent all my money!!!!!!

I brought some new shoes, £25 from New Look, snakeskin, black, very high heeled and very strappy, I really love love love them, hard to walk in, but they are beautiful, mmmmmm.

I also brought a lovely top, £20, black, pink & grey, so very bold & clashy, very me :D
I couldnt find a photo of it on their website to show you, Ill try and get one of me wearing it haha.

 I also brought another Barry M nail varnish, :D the blue one I talked about in my last spending blog, 291 Cobalt blue, not tried it yet, it Looks lovely though!

I also brought wiv a £5 off voucher a No7 nail varnish, 38 Peach Glaze, a lovely peach/coral colour, so very on trend colour, Im going to put it on after I've finished this blog.

I also got.... Rimmel's new eyeliner, Exaggerate waterproof eye definer, in Black, which comes with a smudger on the other end to help give the smokey eye look, Cant wait to try it i LOVE smokey eyes, my favorite.

I also brought a new make up brush, I've had my eye on this for a while, Ruby & Millie Stipple Face Brush, basically like Mac's duo fibre brush, but £10 cheaper.

I also got some tights I had to buy them in Large/ XLarge because, im 5ft 9 or over, other sizes dont fit my long lanky legs!

I think that is everything,  o wait no, I got a bracelet from claires accessories for my mum for mother's day, its not her only present, im going to buy her several small things and put them all together, already got her card, a cute me to you one.

She isnt a soppy mum so I have to be careful what kind of card I get her!

Im gona paint my nails now :D

KG xxxxxx

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


forgot to add in my last post, stuff other than make-up that I have brought.

Today, I brought some shoes in the new look sale, for £10.

I also got some simple scrub, to go towards my ever growing beauty regime :).

I have to go my macbook is about to run out of battery!!!

I heart Barry M + Spendings

I cant get enough of Barry M nail paints at the moment, I've got 4 so far and looking to purchase as many as possible. So far I have:

129 Chocolate Brown
293 Grey
289 Gold
273 Raspberry

I love raspberry, I also match grey & brown together, It look kinda of antique-ish or maybe tribal-ish!

I may buy the bright blue one tomorrow, I loved it and couldnt make a decision between the blue & raspberry, so ill get both. I cant paint my nails for crap! Im rubbish, I cant have false nails either because they are a health and safety violation at work.... boring!

Im watching Horne & Cordon atm, funny! I love both of the guys in it, James Cordon is weirdly attractive, dont you think?!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009



So yeah, I went to crufts, from around like 11.30am-9pm. 

I really enjoyed seeing all the different breeds, I'd love to show dogs, I'm determined to get a dog, I dont mind what breed, I just love dogs for dogs.

The judging of the working & pastoral groups was long, and got abit tedious, I thought the Old english sheepdog that won the pastoral, was abit of a typical winner. However was pleasantly surprised at the Boxer winning the Working group.

The best in show however, Im not sure I would of picked the Sealyham terrier, It was a lovely dog, but I thought the Standard poodle, Pharaoh hound or Papilon showed lovely and would of been more worthy winners. The judge specialized in terriers, and lived in America, so alot of people are going criticize him for picking a breed type that he specialized in and the breeder being American herself.

Im not that fussed really, I cant wait for next year, Im so going lol!


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Crufts Today!

Im going crufts today, for people who dont know what crufts is, Its one of the biggest dog shows in the world, at the NEC in Birmingham, I'm seeing the best in show aswell which Ive wanted to do for years! So excited.


I'm a dog lover! Although I dont have any myself, I dont live in the right situation, with work/college e.t.c

Im not sure what to wear, I dont wanna go OTT, its just a dog show, but I wanna look good. Jeans and something I suspect. I want to wear some leggings, but I dont have anything long enough to be appropriate for a dog show.

I went out last night, first time in a while cos Ive been working alot of Saturdays & Sundays. I didnt drink, I was driving, which made the night pretty dull for a sober person.  I just like going out so I can do make up & put outfits together lol.

I best start getting ready then, got sandwiches to make, Oh darn forgot to put my eye gel on last night, just remembered!

KG xxxxxx

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Credit Crunch

Tut I've had some of my hours at work cut down, 

12 - 5




6 - 10

now 6-8

.... 2 hours its not even worth the petrol! I know they cant help it if business is not as good as it was, but It means looking for a 2nd job to fuel my obsessions.

On a good note...

CRUFTS TOMORROW im so excited, LOADS OF DOGS, omg. I'll calm down.


Friday, 6 March 2009

New hair

I got my hair done today, its not exactly how I wanted it, but then again it never is when you go hairdressers. I wanted it lighter & choppier.

I couldnt get it lighter though in 1 go, so im rebooked in on the 20th March to get it lightened again. Ive had a block fringe put in, I dont think these suit me so Im not sure about it yet, Ill see how i look when ive got all my make up on for college.

Ive cut it alot shorter too.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Magazine Buy

'Look' fashion magazine had an article about cheap buys, I saw one which was a Miss Sporty foundation which people use as a base, Ive always wanted a base under my foundation so I litrally feel like I have a back-up!

Its called ' Miss Sporty Light Energy' Foundation in 01 Light. It says it "light reflecting pearls to look luminous, a cocktail of vitamins & minerals to maximize energizing effect".

Ive not used it yet, when I have ill let you know how it is, and if any, the effect it gave me. I will use it under my YSL foundation. I cant wait till I've used that up so I have a reason to buy MAC's studio sculpt foundation.

The miss sporty foundation was only £2.89. Bargain if it gives me a good light reflecting glow!
There is 30ml in each tube, would like more, feels like there isnt much but for the price I wouldnt mind purchasing more.

Monday, 2 March 2009


Everything about them is depressing, for my funeral I want beaty uplifting music not sad slow ones that make you cry as soon as you hear them.

I want everyone to dress in really cool clothes and have a big party and everyone get wasted and have a laugh.

This has come to light because it was my grandads funeral today, It was a really beautiful service and I thought it was a really nice gathering after, but I dont want my funeral like it, I want it to be happy not sad. :) :(