Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wordless Wednesday / Harley Update

Harley is still very sore from her incident last week (read previous blog). Her smallest wounds are starting to heal slowly, but she has a very big open wound on one of her front legs, you can see the muscle through it, not a pretty sight! She's finished her prescription of painkillers, but is still on antibiotics. She's going in for an operation tomorrow to have the open wound stitched otherwise the vet said it would only heal at a rate of 2mm a day! It would of taken ages!

She's also having a small lump on the bottom of her foot removed, which she had before the incident, which will also be sent off for examination to make sure its nothing more than a binine lump.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wordless Wednesday / Harley vs Cat

Harley has always had a strong prey drive, last night she finally got what she wanted, the chance to show a cat whose boss, on a walk she lunged for a cat, pulling her back the link on her harness unclipped and she broke out running full pelt after the cat, the cat went under a hedge harley skidded on her side across the concrete floor to under this bush which made the cat shoot out, the cat running towards us and harley both knocked us over, the cat then was lost for an escape route so turned into self defence mode and really went for harley , scratching biting e.t.c of course any cat would do this. Harley by this time was punctured up, cut, scratched, two nails totally smashed in half, still tryin got get this cat, but luckily we grabbed her in time and the cat jumped over the fence, only gettin minor scratches at most.

Harley has ripped up 3/4 pads over her feet, two smashed nails, various puncture wounds, scratches to her face and side and lastly a massive patch of skin is missing from where she skidded on the concrete. She is unable to move because she is to sore, just lying on the bed, shes going to the vets later, who are going to assess her from the car because it'll be to painful to walk.

Harley has learnt her lesson good and truly, cats are not toys!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

New name for Harley?

First off, sorry for my lack of posts recently, nothing has come up worth blogging about! I do keep up the wordless Wednesday's though!

Basically, we have had Harley now about 1 or 2 months, settled in great and is becoming a firm friend with Tango, the problem is...

Harley .... the name Harley, when you read this you more than likely thought im on about two boy grey's, no no no! Harley is infact a girl! She came with this name from her racing name 'Playboy Harley', we kept it because we like the name Harley. However everybody classes her as a boy, even though she has a pink collar, pink tassle, purple harness, considerably smaller than most boy dogs and (this is a big and!!) has no boy 'parts'!!

Bless her we've thought about changing her name, she would get use to a new name quick, she's very alert and intelligent, we've had suggestions like Hayley, Carly, e.t.c.

None seem to fit her though, she is to us a Harley, maybe she will have to live out the rest of her life as a boy! lol

Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009