Thursday, 26 February 2009

Arghhhh Saving Money

Im SO bad at saving money, but now I have to.

Im getting my hair done and its gonna cost a bomb because im having colour removed and then put back on, a normal colour is 55ish quid sooo a a colour and colour removal and a cut .... dont want to think lol.

It should be worth it though, fed up of red hair now been it forever.
Light brown hopefully :D

Ive saved up like 50quid so far I get paid tomoz though luckily =D

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Car Accident

Today, when me and my mum was going to Asda, A fiesta went into the back of us! He didnt see the lights go on red in time and went right into the back of us. the police came and everything, was like something off tv, lights camera action (I think thats a police programme lol!)

It was a pretty good shun into the back, but luckily No-one was injured, im sure im getting a stiff neck though now :/

Our BMW came out alright, a few scratches nothing drastic, the boys fiesta though wouldnt start, I hope he gets it sorted! bless he was only my age at least (18).

Im well paranoid now im going to g into the back of someone!! OR someone going into the back of me!!

KG xx

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Make-Up I've Purchased

This is just a blog on make that I have purchased recently.

Mainly cosmetics for my lips, I've never really put much thought into my lips compared to my foundation ,eyeshadow e.t.c

First I brought

Nivea Visage Young - 'Be Beautiful Tinted Moisturiser'

This supposedly adapts to your skin tone for an even radiant complexion, Ive used it 2/3 times, I cant say my skin looked any better, but I do feel better walking around without make up and just tinted moisturiser now, than just plain moisturiser, I dont feel as bare!

Collection 2000 Brilliant Shimmer Lip Gloss in Watch Me, as you can see, quite sheer. Although when I use it on my lips it doesnt look as sheer as it does in that swatch. Its very shimmery and shiny, I really like it and its a good price!

Rimmer Lipstick in Birthday Suit - suppose to be a nude shade but has a hint of browns/coral in it, I didnt like this at first, im warming upto it now though. It comes out more as a brown than a nude skin colour.

Barry M Lip Paint in 101 - This is a very nude skin shade, I love the colour but Im not sure it works with my skin tone/hair colour. It also looks abit cakey on my lips, I have to blend it in alot. 

I also brought a NYC liquid lip shine in clear gloss, heard alot about these lipglosses, and I needed a new clear so I thought I would give NYC ago.

I also got Barry M Nail Paint in grey, I saw a review on macs hello kitty grey nail varnish and loved it but im defo not prepared to pay macs prices for nail varnish. So I thought id try Barry M's heard Mixed reviews on there nail varnishes. Will let you know.


Thursday, 19 February 2009

What im using right now

Stole this from idea from several people Ive seen doing it!


Shampoo: I either use Toni & Guy Straightening Shampoo or Tressemme (spel.)

Conditioner: Toni & Guy Straightening Conditioner or Salon Shine Conditioner

Styling products: Trevor Sorbie Leave in Volume Conditioner / Nicky Clarke Straightening Spray / VO5 Curling Mousse / Umberto Giannini Sleek & Chic Straight Serum.

Hair mask: I forgot what my hair mask is called! Cba to go and look upstairs!


Shower gel: Radox Stimulate - a little bit cheap and cheerful with that part of my routine.

Body moisturiser: Any body butter going - at the moment is Vaseline's Coca Butter

Deodarant - Nivea

Fake tan: I sometimes use garnier tanning gel, it gives a nice colour.


Cleanser: Avon salutions toner & cleanser

Eye makeup remover: Superdrug wipes or Avon cleanser/toner

Exfoliator - hmm I have a clearisil face scrub


Primer: I dont use a primer, sometimes i use nivea young tinted moisturiser.

Foundation: YSL radiant touch foundation or for work I use mac Studio Fix liquid foundation (to orange)

Foundation brush: Gosh cosmetics foundation brush

Concealer: Barbara Daley concealer in fair

Powder: NAtural collection pressed powder

Blusher: MAC msf in redhead or collection 2000 blusher

Bronzer: I sometimes use No.7 Bronzer palette

Highlighter: I forgot what brand it is, but its a stick thing!

Eyeshadow base: plain concealer

Eyeshadows: hmmm all sorts

Eyeliner: Miss sporty pencil atm (i have sensitive eyes)

Eyelash curler: just a random cheap one i brought once

Eyelash base:none

Mascara: Natural collection (again because my eyelashes are very sensitive I cant use think mascaras)

Lipstick: rimmel lipstick in birthday suit

Lipgloss: collection 2000 brilliant lip shine

Nail colour: Inatural collection clear varnish

What do you use ???

Monday, 16 February 2009

Today's Expenses


Today I went shopping with my cousin Hannah, we dont go out much together so its nice when we finally get chance to. I spent most of my money, I have £15 left! (BTW, I found the '£' button on my american macbook!!)

I brought a 'Oversized Vest' in grey, I really like it, defo my style, nice with tights or jeans.

Some shoes from dorothy perkins, they were £15 in the sale. I love them, they are a size 7, probs would of been abit better in an 8 though.

:D shoes! Gold & black :)

I also brought a rimmel lipstick in 'Birthday Suit' not sure on it tbh, some dry roasted kp nuts, yoghurt biscuits which are YUMMY, i love them. 49p instead of 1.20 BARGAIN MATE.

I got some nicky clarke straightening spray, not to sure if it will do any difference lol. Oh well makes me feel better about myself if im not damagin my hair as much.

Just got back from work, 6-10pm, got it again tomorrow at 12-5.

I hope ya'll have a good week!

KG xxxxx

ps. Here's a photo of me & my cousin!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Misty Video (test)

This was just a test to see how well blogger uploads videos!

Its of me and one of my seven cats.

Shes called Misty, shes a very beautiful cat but also very evil, well to me she is. To other people shes lovely! She has an OCD if you put anything on the floor, wether it be a plastic bag, piece of paper, suitcase, e.t.c. she HAS to sit on it, she loves it, she has to sit on what ever is on the floor, same with boxes she has to get on top of the box or in it. Bless!

New video coming tomorrow on my everyday make up. 

No College

Yay for Half term!

A week off, really needed it because I have got more hours this week & next because a girl is having a week off.

I've got £50 to spend! Clothes or Make up or shoes or save!?!

I must try and save it, I know I wont especially cause im already planning to go town for a spend up.

I brought a new lipgloss the other day. Collection 2000 Brilliant Shine lip gloss in Watch Me, Its a brown with a lovely shimmer to it. I really like it, high street brands do produce good items. I might buy a tinted moisturizer, because after Ive cleansed and toned If im going out, but dont want a full make up look, a tinted moisturizer would be really helpful.

Im watching antiques roadshow, I wish i had a antique worth loads, imagine all the shopping I could get :D

Im buzzing for hello kitty mac products, I cant wait, Ive already been on the american website looking at them, I think i may defo get a lipstick or lipgloss. :D

KG xxxx

Friday, 13 February 2009

Today's Expenses


I looked at the KAthy Van Zeeland bags.... there was not 1 there I would of considered purchasing, rubbish was really disapointed because usually there is loads i LOVE. Looks like ill have to get one from QVC website lol!

This has to be a short blog, I'm off to work in about 10 minutes! I work at subway btw =] Its wicked (H).

Today i brought a 16.99 top from River Island with a cheetah on the front, I also brought some 2 quid earrings in the sale at topshop & a baggy hat from topshop for 8quid :)

I got my avon stuff through the post, I order such random stuff when im drunk :D

Tomorrow If I'm not working, im going Derby, if I am working I might go bullring on the Sunday.

I brought dans dvds that he wanted for valentines day, 30quid, 30QUID for dvds tut. 

I soo hope im not working, bet I am though >:( GRR

I came home today from college & realised I forgot my bag and had to go all the way back, in 5.30pm traffic. NIGHTMARE.

Now im in a rush and havent had a rest before work :( Oh well ill get my free subway tonight.

KG xxxx

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Im going to check out some kathy van zeeland bags there around 80quid, but hey its valentines day tomorrow on Saturday *hint**hint* ;)

Im also going to look for somethin nice in the sales. Im also going to try and stay away from the make up aisles Ive already decided on the next foundation im buying, Mac Studio Scult around 22pounds I think.

I read a review tht its better than the YSL (which is around 29pounds)  which i currently use.

Im going to review the YSL products I brought later on, When ive got use to them more.

Theres so much fuss about the touche eclat, well I think... well you will have to wait for my review!

Bed soon.

College tomorrow :@ Hate it, so unmotivated right now. BLAH.

KG xxxx

My Photoshoot


Today I had my fashion photoshoot with a model called Kirsty. She was very nice, fun & easy to get along with, I felt as ease with her straight away. She ended up in Kings Bromley
 first, I thought she wasnt going to make it ahh!

She found her way eventually though =]

She changed into two different dresses, and then she changed into some pvc & leather for that rock chick look!

My friend Lauren did the make up, a brown smokey eye look. I liked it, I want it myself lol!

Here are some of the final images/behind the scenes!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Photoshoot tomorrow!

My first fashion studio photo shoot tomorrow (I'm the photographer BTW!)

Ive got a model coming in, who for once, isn't one of my best buds, I'm using a real model! ha ha.

I'm excited about the whole meeting her and getting to know her and what style she wears well e.t.c.

I'm trying to get into the fashion industry so most of my effort will be what her overall style looks like.

However I need some really decent photos for my portfolio, which has to be completed soon.

I'm thinking of going for a high fashion look, one where the model is on 1 leg and pulling all kinds of wacky poses. I'm SO looking forward to it, Ill be so mad if the studio cancel on me (which they have done in the past >:/)

Ive got a trainee make up artist coming in to do the models make up to, she's like my best friend but shes really good at make up.

Ill post some of my final photos up from the shoot when I've finished editing them.

KG xxx xxx

Make-Up ... Powders!

Make Up


Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals

I brought this mineral foundation because nowadays, everything is mineral! I decided to give it ago,
 here's my review on it.

First off, the brush... pretty hopeless if I'm
 honest, its so small and the bristles are so compact that it doesn't give you a good application and you get a build of the
 product in one area as your trying to spread it. However I do think the small brush would be good for on-the-go touch ups.

I like the packaging, but as the same with other mineral products, you are likely to spill some products as you open/close it. 

I brought it in 001 Ivory, I'm quite olive toned really, but I find that anything other than Ivory, become's orange on me.

I personally wouldn't use this as a foundation by itself, it doesn't give me enough cover and I don't like the final colour it gives my skin, It doesn't seem to tone out my face colour. 

However for just a finish powder, this could 
be what your looking for, unless your pale, because I do think this is for more tanned skin colours, rather than delicate pales.

I think its around 5-7pounds, which is
not to badly priced for a satisfactory powder. However I'm not going to be purchasing it again.

Natural Collection Loose Powder/ Pressed Powder

I'm a sucker for a bargain, and at 1.99, I couldn't resist trying these two products. I have never used these as foundations,  in fact the products themselves tell you they are not intended as foundations, 
but to put over your favorite foundation.

The looser powder is neutral translucent, the pressed is just neutral.

Ive used most of my pressed powder, because its very light, I use it over most of my foundation's to take away harsh orange-ness! I find it gives my skin a good matt looking finish, It isn't good on coverage but it helps my skin look more even.

Ive not used the loose powder much, but I believe it does the exact same as the pressed one, maybe abit more translucent

I think for 1.99 this powder is a good bargain, don't buy it however if you want a 100% perfect make up artist complexion.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - Redhead

I've been watching vlog's on mineralize skinfinish's. I was so excited when I saw the blonde,redhead & brunette skinfinish's out. I immediately brought a redhead version. I'm not naturally redhead, I dye my hair a dark red, I should buy the brunette one really, that's my natural colour. However I preferred the redhead colour's.

The packaging is typical mac, the well built black round compact.
I don't have to use hardly any to get a good amount on my face, one swipe over the product, two if I really want to shimmer.

I apply like a normal blush/highlight, on my cheekbones. I haven't used it to much yet, so I cant give a definite response on it yet, but I find it gives a very good shimmer/highlight on the cheeks. I intend to replace my normal blusher with it for the time being.

I would recommend it if your after a shimmering highlight to make your cheeks glow. It defo gives you that. Its around 19pound minus some VAT.

Because you don't need that much on your brush, its defo a good price for what you get, mac say that you can use the skin finish all over your face, I really wouldn't recommend that unless you want a really really shimmery effect, I just don't think its a good look, to look abit like you have rubbed glitter all over your face!

They are all the powders I have right now, I'm thinking of purchasing mac's mineralize loose powder, however since the rimmel one I've been put off loose powder foundations, I may just stick to my loose powders for finishing off only.

I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling on, Any questions, just ask.

KG xxxx

1st Post

My First Blog!

I've decided to start blogging.... I'm honestly not to sure why, I just feel that I want to express my opinion of things. Im sure most of my blogs will be random.

I'm going to try and write a blog on things I buy and what I think of them, I'm rubbish at saving my money, so if I write it down maybe it will look to me, that I'm spending to much and will hopefully stop?!?!

What have I brought today then ....

  • A black cardigan from Topshop, it was from the "delicates" section, which Ive never heard of, but may explain why its so thin.. It was 10pound in the sale section.
  • I also got a box for all my make up, I have so much! Im going to blog about my favorite make up products later on.
  • I also got some shoes from primark, they are light cream, snakeskin effect, small pumps. Size 7. They were 5 quid something because of the VAT cut, instead of 6.

My Box Full Of Goodies

You will have to forgive me for putting 'quid' my macbook is American, so I dont have a pound symbol on my keyboard. 

Well I'll leave my first blog there, I hope people enjoy my blogs in the future. 

KG xxxxx