Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Photoshoot tomorrow!

My first fashion studio photo shoot tomorrow (I'm the photographer BTW!)

Ive got a model coming in, who for once, isn't one of my best buds, I'm using a real model! ha ha.

I'm excited about the whole meeting her and getting to know her and what style she wears well e.t.c.

I'm trying to get into the fashion industry so most of my effort will be what her overall style looks like.

However I need some really decent photos for my portfolio, which has to be completed soon.

I'm thinking of going for a high fashion look, one where the model is on 1 leg and pulling all kinds of wacky poses. I'm SO looking forward to it, Ill be so mad if the studio cancel on me (which they have done in the past >:/)

Ive got a trainee make up artist coming in to do the models make up to, she's like my best friend but shes really good at make up.

Ill post some of my final photos up from the shoot when I've finished editing them.

KG xxx xxx

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