Friday, 13 February 2009

Today's Expenses


I looked at the KAthy Van Zeeland bags.... there was not 1 there I would of considered purchasing, rubbish was really disapointed because usually there is loads i LOVE. Looks like ill have to get one from QVC website lol!

This has to be a short blog, I'm off to work in about 10 minutes! I work at subway btw =] Its wicked (H).

Today i brought a 16.99 top from River Island with a cheetah on the front, I also brought some 2 quid earrings in the sale at topshop & a baggy hat from topshop for 8quid :)

I got my avon stuff through the post, I order such random stuff when im drunk :D

Tomorrow If I'm not working, im going Derby, if I am working I might go bullring on the Sunday.

I brought dans dvds that he wanted for valentines day, 30quid, 30QUID for dvds tut. 

I soo hope im not working, bet I am though >:( GRR

I came home today from college & realised I forgot my bag and had to go all the way back, in 5.30pm traffic. NIGHTMARE.

Now im in a rush and havent had a rest before work :( Oh well ill get my free subway tonight.

KG xxxx

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