Thursday, 12 February 2009


Im going to check out some kathy van zeeland bags there around 80quid, but hey its valentines day tomorrow on Saturday *hint**hint* ;)

Im also going to look for somethin nice in the sales. Im also going to try and stay away from the make up aisles Ive already decided on the next foundation im buying, Mac Studio Scult around 22pounds I think.

I read a review tht its better than the YSL (which is around 29pounds)  which i currently use.

Im going to review the YSL products I brought later on, When ive got use to them more.

Theres so much fuss about the touche eclat, well I think... well you will have to wait for my review!

Bed soon.

College tomorrow :@ Hate it, so unmotivated right now. BLAH.

KG xxxx

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