Wednesday, 11 February 2009

1st Post

My First Blog!

I've decided to start blogging.... I'm honestly not to sure why, I just feel that I want to express my opinion of things. Im sure most of my blogs will be random.

I'm going to try and write a blog on things I buy and what I think of them, I'm rubbish at saving my money, so if I write it down maybe it will look to me, that I'm spending to much and will hopefully stop?!?!

What have I brought today then ....

  • A black cardigan from Topshop, it was from the "delicates" section, which Ive never heard of, but may explain why its so thin.. It was 10pound in the sale section.
  • I also got a box for all my make up, I have so much! Im going to blog about my favorite make up products later on.
  • I also got some shoes from primark, they are light cream, snakeskin effect, small pumps. Size 7. They were 5 quid something because of the VAT cut, instead of 6.

My Box Full Of Goodies

You will have to forgive me for putting 'quid' my macbook is American, so I dont have a pound symbol on my keyboard. 

Well I'll leave my first blog there, I hope people enjoy my blogs in the future. 

KG xxxxx

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