Sunday, 15 February 2009

No College

Yay for Half term!

A week off, really needed it because I have got more hours this week & next because a girl is having a week off.

I've got £50 to spend! Clothes or Make up or shoes or save!?!

I must try and save it, I know I wont especially cause im already planning to go town for a spend up.

I brought a new lipgloss the other day. Collection 2000 Brilliant Shine lip gloss in Watch Me, Its a brown with a lovely shimmer to it. I really like it, high street brands do produce good items. I might buy a tinted moisturizer, because after Ive cleansed and toned If im going out, but dont want a full make up look, a tinted moisturizer would be really helpful.

Im watching antiques roadshow, I wish i had a antique worth loads, imagine all the shopping I could get :D

Im buzzing for hello kitty mac products, I cant wait, Ive already been on the american website looking at them, I think i may defo get a lipstick or lipgloss. :D

KG xxxx

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