Saturday, 21 February 2009

Make-Up I've Purchased

This is just a blog on make that I have purchased recently.

Mainly cosmetics for my lips, I've never really put much thought into my lips compared to my foundation ,eyeshadow e.t.c

First I brought

Nivea Visage Young - 'Be Beautiful Tinted Moisturiser'

This supposedly adapts to your skin tone for an even radiant complexion, Ive used it 2/3 times, I cant say my skin looked any better, but I do feel better walking around without make up and just tinted moisturiser now, than just plain moisturiser, I dont feel as bare!

Collection 2000 Brilliant Shimmer Lip Gloss in Watch Me, as you can see, quite sheer. Although when I use it on my lips it doesnt look as sheer as it does in that swatch. Its very shimmery and shiny, I really like it and its a good price!

Rimmer Lipstick in Birthday Suit - suppose to be a nude shade but has a hint of browns/coral in it, I didnt like this at first, im warming upto it now though. It comes out more as a brown than a nude skin colour.

Barry M Lip Paint in 101 - This is a very nude skin shade, I love the colour but Im not sure it works with my skin tone/hair colour. It also looks abit cakey on my lips, I have to blend it in alot. 

I also brought a NYC liquid lip shine in clear gloss, heard alot about these lipglosses, and I needed a new clear so I thought I would give NYC ago.

I also got Barry M Nail Paint in grey, I saw a review on macs hello kitty grey nail varnish and loved it but im defo not prepared to pay macs prices for nail varnish. So I thought id try Barry M's heard Mixed reviews on there nail varnishes. Will let you know.


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