Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Make-Up ... Powders!

Make Up


Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals

I brought this mineral foundation because nowadays, everything is mineral! I decided to give it ago,
 here's my review on it.

First off, the brush... pretty hopeless if I'm
 honest, its so small and the bristles are so compact that it doesn't give you a good application and you get a build of the
 product in one area as your trying to spread it. However I do think the small brush would be good for on-the-go touch ups.

I like the packaging, but as the same with other mineral products, you are likely to spill some products as you open/close it. 

I brought it in 001 Ivory, I'm quite olive toned really, but I find that anything other than Ivory, become's orange on me.

I personally wouldn't use this as a foundation by itself, it doesn't give me enough cover and I don't like the final colour it gives my skin, It doesn't seem to tone out my face colour. 

However for just a finish powder, this could 
be what your looking for, unless your pale, because I do think this is for more tanned skin colours, rather than delicate pales.

I think its around 5-7pounds, which is
not to badly priced for a satisfactory powder. However I'm not going to be purchasing it again.

Natural Collection Loose Powder/ Pressed Powder

I'm a sucker for a bargain, and at 1.99, I couldn't resist trying these two products. I have never used these as foundations,  in fact the products themselves tell you they are not intended as foundations, 
but to put over your favorite foundation.

The looser powder is neutral translucent, the pressed is just neutral.

Ive used most of my pressed powder, because its very light, I use it over most of my foundation's to take away harsh orange-ness! I find it gives my skin a good matt looking finish, It isn't good on coverage but it helps my skin look more even.

Ive not used the loose powder much, but I believe it does the exact same as the pressed one, maybe abit more translucent

I think for 1.99 this powder is a good bargain, don't buy it however if you want a 100% perfect make up artist complexion.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - Redhead

I've been watching vlog's on mineralize skinfinish's. I was so excited when I saw the blonde,redhead & brunette skinfinish's out. I immediately brought a redhead version. I'm not naturally redhead, I dye my hair a dark red, I should buy the brunette one really, that's my natural colour. However I preferred the redhead colour's.

The packaging is typical mac, the well built black round compact.
I don't have to use hardly any to get a good amount on my face, one swipe over the product, two if I really want to shimmer.

I apply like a normal blush/highlight, on my cheekbones. I haven't used it to much yet, so I cant give a definite response on it yet, but I find it gives a very good shimmer/highlight on the cheeks. I intend to replace my normal blusher with it for the time being.

I would recommend it if your after a shimmering highlight to make your cheeks glow. It defo gives you that. Its around 19pound minus some VAT.

Because you don't need that much on your brush, its defo a good price for what you get, mac say that you can use the skin finish all over your face, I really wouldn't recommend that unless you want a really really shimmery effect, I just don't think its a good look, to look abit like you have rubbed glitter all over your face!

They are all the powders I have right now, I'm thinking of purchasing mac's mineralize loose powder, however since the rimmel one I've been put off loose powder foundations, I may just stick to my loose powders for finishing off only.

I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling on, Any questions, just ask.

KG xxxx

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