Monday, 31 August 2009

Free Run

I tried to have abit of fun with this video hope you all like it! There is nothing I love more than seeing greyhounds doing what they do best.. running!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday outing

Hey people, Tango here giving humans a break from doing all the blogging, today me and the servants went on a trip to 'Bradgate Park' in Leicestershire which is the heart of the National Forest.

There was loads and loads of people there even though it was really windy and cold, equally as many doggys aswell, we saw another greyhound called 'Kitty' she was from a ex racer charity too, we got all our leads muddled up which is only natural when you have butts to sniff!

This was the first outing in the new car which humans got for us so we had loads of room to lie down in, Harley is quite protective of her new ride and has become the role of "watch dog".

When we finally got there after Harley treading on me for the 5th or 6th time we jumped down and were ready for the off.

On the way round we noticed some strange looking creatures, the humans called them Deers, and said they didn't want to play with me or Harley :( They had big things coming off their heads, they looked so silly hehe.

We carried on abit further past a lake and smelt a few more doggy bums, when we got round the corner.. guess what LOADS of those 'deer things', Harley was pulling to get at them but failed to pull away.

Further on there was a cafe where the humans stopped for a rest, some other humans nearby where playing football, I think Harley wanted to join in, or maybe just chew the ball up, who knows.

I of course, on my best behavior just stood and watched everything go on without a fuss.

OMG rabbit, oh wait no, just a fluffy dog.

MMMMM anything for us???

After trying to scrounge some food (which failed) we headed back to the car, on the way we past a family who fussed us and said they had a Lurcher and explained to their son that Lurchers are a crossbreed that are related to greyhounds. We also heard one little boy shout "Wow, greyhounds! They ARE the fastest dogs on the earth!". Two other kids came over and stroked us saying we were 'cool dogs'.
We felt like celebrities!

Me & Harley went to visit the ducks on the stream on the way back, Harley tried to jump in which scared all of the ducks, luckily human pulled back just in time, naughty naughty!

I didn't find the ducks very interesting if im honest.

I was interested in the mini waterfall though, it splashed everywhere, it looked really cold though so I didnt fancy going in for a skinny dip!

Humans tried to get a photo of Harley for her 'Happy homings' page on the Hall Green RGT website, after around 3/4 blurry takes they finally got one that wasn't just a big blur.

Finally we got back to the car and I collapsed straight away, whilst Harley went back onto watch dog duties.

On the way home the humans made a stop at a shop called 'Pets at home'.

The shop had only been open a week, they went in to see if they sold the food we eat which is special pet greyhound stuff, they didn't though but they did come out with;
x.Meaty chews
x.Paddywhack natural treats
x.Cod liver oil supplement
x.Coat & skin treats
x.Raw hide chew
x.Squeaky pheasant toy (which I LOVE).

Im home now and everybody is asleep, in fact one of the humans is using me as a pillow!! The cheek, anyways I'll love you and leave you all.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Happy 1st Week Harley!

We've had Harley a week now, its gone super quick! Its like we have always had her, you can't tell any difference because she just sleeps in the kitchen all day, the big bed in their is now Tango & Harley's little snuggle place, we don't get to see Tango anymore!

If you read the previous blog, I mentioned that they were barking, growling e.t.c at night over the big bed, this happend again for another 2/3 nights, but Harley is a brave little hound and just ignored Tango's growls and walked right in and plonked herself down, which Tango pulled the funniest expression at, a face almost to say "Oh my days, you did not just do that Harley".

Finally Tango has had to surrender to Harley's bed sharing and they are always together now! We've even had the odd head resting on each other, which is super cute, but very hard to get a photo of. You can sometimes hear the odd 1 off bark from Tango, which Harley of course ignores him and tells him to shut up in dog body language!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Calling all UK hounds/dogs


Harley Photo's

I studied a National Diploma in Photography & Digital Imaging, so alot of my blogs will probably include photographs. I believe photo's tell a bigger story than words! I'll have to try and get some more 'pro' looking photo's of Tango and Harley soon, for now I'll leave you with snapshots! x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Dog Show Result

Today me & my Mum went to the Perry Bar RGT Fun Dog Show, they had 2 rings for greyhound only classes (serious & novelty) and 2 for non-greyhounds (pedigree & crossbreed). They also had a small ring for fun agility, which I saw a cute whippet trying to get over a jump, it wasn't going to happen though!

Perry Barr RGT

We entered;

Most appealing eyes - Tango
Prettiest Bitch - Harley
Best 6 legs - Tango
Best greyhound not rehomed by Perry Barr RGT - Harley & Tango

... We won one 3rd place rosette! Harley came 3rd in greyhound not rehomed by Perry Barr. Honestly I think the judge was sick of seeing me and thought if I give her a rosette maybe she will stop entering! :P Tango didn't win any, but he does look abit of a patchwork greyhound at the moment with several shaved patches from his recent operation. Harley still has her stitches in but luckily you couldn't see them to much.

Next show: Great Greyhound Gathering at Nottingham Race Course, this will be the biggest show of the year, so look out Nottingham! :P

ps. Would love to hear of any other UK hounds going to the GGG this year in September, drop me a line!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Harley's Home!

Today we fetched Harley to come back to her new forever home, bless her at the kennels she was nervous and overall just abit confused. On the ride home she settled down and just watched out the windows and sniffed tangos usual place.

We let them both have a play around the garden together but Harley was more interested in sniffing everything than messing about with Tango.

Now they are both indoors, Harley has taken a shine to the furry rug and Tango's on his usual sofa, earlier they had a bark at each other when they both raced upto me, it was mainly tango though, it'll take some time giving up his spots to Harley. Unfortunately Tango having to be muzzled to keep his jealousy under control has led to his operation wound bleeding a little, so we are abit wary of putting it back on because it will keep agitating it and making it sore. Tonight I think we wanted to muzzle them both, maybe we can do a custom job on tangos muzzle and make it fleecey around the nose band!


UPDATE: Since the earlier grumble at each other, there has been no more like it and both are snoozing happily away near the front window, Harley has taken a shine to the corner of the room, I dont think she realises there is a number of beds spread around the house for her.

UPDATE: All has been good, Harley is more playful and alot faster than Tango, so when they both had a play in the garden Tango didnt like her bounding into him but hes just jealous of her athletic ability! They have both been put to bed, no muzzles, two seperate beds been put in they have had a bark at each other once, mainly cause she is trying to get on Tango's bed and hes abit mardy about it. If it happens again I think I will have to break them up for tonight, wouldnt be fair on Harley her first night.
I'll let you know how it goes in the morning. goodnight

Friday, 14 August 2009

Doggy Clean Up

Today I decided to clean out the 'Doggy Cupboard'.

This is where the treats, brushes, bones e.t.c end up, we had got a hoard of treats starting to pile up, and with Harley coming it would only get worse with double the amount of things!

This is the 'dog box' which had turned into pile of mess;

Doesn't look much does it? Well in that pile there was exactly all this stuff;

2 bags of Winalot coat conditioning treats
1 bag of tesco finest dental chews
1 pack of 2 bakers twist chews
2 raw hide pig ears
1 pack of pedigree rodeo chews
1 pack of pedigree schmackos
1 box of various biscuits
and various chew sticks

1 Shedding blade
1 double sided brush
1 horse brush
1 short haired brush
1 toothpaste & toothbrush
1 primrose oil shampoo

2 Bones!

How did it all ever fit in that pile?!

Well now it is nice and neat and ive chucked away all the broken biscuits.

OH and of course when I started cleaning it out a certain 'ahem' needlenose appeared!!!!

Racing Past

I love looking at Greyhound's racing past, Tango's racing name was 'Orange Disorder' and Harley's is 'Playboy Harley'.
Ive struggled to find out alot about Tango's previous owners, only finding his UK owner who only raced him a few times before retiring him, I can't find any information on his Ireland owner.

However Harley's past is abit easier to track, she came from Ireland pretty much straight from being schooled, I looked up her trainer, and found a profile on him and found this paragraph of text:

" The dogs welfare under Simon always comes first and he has all the latest physio/exercise equipment to hand. He has 4 full-time staff and two part-time, plus the help of his parents Steven and Elaine. Any followers of greyhounds should keep an eye out for any dogs emerging from Weatheroak Kennels with "Playboy" in their name, as some of the better prospects bred and reared by Simon will carry this prefix."

'Playboy Harley', obviously one of the trainers 'better prospects' haha! Its so interesting looking at racing past, I found videos of Tango racing and put them into a compilation video which I'll put at the end of this blog.

I'd love to know everybody else's Grey's racing name's I love looking them up on :)

So excited about getting Harley tomorrow!! Got all the stuff for her, her ID tag is the same as Tango's so they can't get jealous of better tags! We still have to buy her a food stand, waterproof/fleece coat and a martingale, but we buy all of these from the RGT we get her from so it helps them with every purchase.

Anyway as promised, heres Tango's biggest victory piled into one video lol!


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tango Photographs

Just a few photo's I wanted to share.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Our new Grey

Today we went on our Waseley Hill RGT walk with Tango, we went for half of the walk and then turned back and headed to the RGT's kennels to view bitches that needed a home.

We looked at Lady, Lucy, Zoe and Valerie, but all of them had a growl at poor Tango, we thought they were all going to have issues with him until Harley come back off her walk. She is a gorgeous blue colour wiv a spot of white in the exact same place as Tango.

She didnt growl she just walked nicely with him and in the paddock she didnt take any notice of him, which is better than growling!

We hope she will be perfect and settle well into our routine.

Images are from the RGT walk today, except the 1st and 3rd photo which are of our new blue bitch Harley who we pick up next weekend :) x


Friday, 7 August 2009

Out the red


We've just had the call from the vets that the lump has been examined by the lab and he has got the all clear!
So glad, we lost a dog to a tuma before and its not nice because you see them gradually go downhill.

Im so happy to hear its nothing to worry about, I couldnt stand to lose him after having him for just 4 months.

Very excited for the Hall Green RGT walk this Sunday at Waseley Hills I'll get some photo's to post up for you to see.

Have a lovely weekend x

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tango's Operation

Tango is back home from his op, he has been given what i call a lamp shade, to put round his neck, but whilst he is in our view and isn't scratching it, we have took it off so he will settle down and not pace about.

He doesn't seem very fazed, his usual whingy, cuddly self. He has got a shaved patch on his front leg and on the side of his neck which they used for blood samples, which come back all good for a dog of 5 years of age.

His op went without any glitches so thats good, the photo is of the wound on his nose from the op (still swollen) he still looks very adorable even with this little hiccup on his face. Im sure he will be getting LOADS of sympathy cuddles on sunday at the RGT walk!

We also might be viewing the greys looking for a home after the walk, we want a second one because Tango loves company of other greys, and we hope it will help him settle down instead of pacing about looking for attention all the time!

Give you an update soon on how he is getting on and a picture to show the wound looking less swollen e.t.c!

Tango's new friends

I went to visit one of my friends ive known quite a few years now, but don't see enough of, she had a border terrier called Millie who is seven. Her new partner has a Greyhound x Whippet called Blue. He is VERY handsome!!

I plan to walk Tango with Blue & Millie soon I think Tango will love running around in the field with Blue, he doesn't get to run and play with many dogs as most places haven't got secure fencing around.

The vets rang and said Tango has had his operation and is fine but abit wobbly from the anesthetic, I cant wait to see him when I get back from work later.

Update later & photo of Tango's nose op!


Blue ^^

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tango update

I haven't posted a blog in a long time, mainly due to more hours at work, socializing and generally being my dogs servant.

In my last few blogs I have posted about how I had adopted a retired greyhound called Tango. We've had him now for 4 months and he is well and truly settled in.

Recently however he started growing a very small lump on his nose, it started as a very small white lump, similar to a wart, we left it but it started to increase is size and become red in colour. The vet says its most likely a cyst that has grew and will disappear but incase it is anything nastier we have decided to have it removed. His operation is tomorrow, he wont have to stop over night which is good, I don't think he would of settled or slept in a strange place very well.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow when he is home, the vet says he will have a small shaved patch which couldn't of come at a worst time because its prime retired greyhound show season!

We've already won a 2nd place in a show, we were shortlined in our last but beaten by a very lovely labrador. Our next shows though are greyhound only, which will be fun, lets hope his short black nose hair will of grown back by then!!

Were going to a retired greyhound walk on Sunday which will be fun, we like to go regular so the RGT we got him from can see his progress. Since we have had him he has become more and more handsome every week. His coat is fabulous and shiny now, when it use to be dull and scruffy before.

Ill leave you with a compilation video of Tango! x