Friday, 14 August 2009

Doggy Clean Up

Today I decided to clean out the 'Doggy Cupboard'.

This is where the treats, brushes, bones e.t.c end up, we had got a hoard of treats starting to pile up, and with Harley coming it would only get worse with double the amount of things!

This is the 'dog box' which had turned into pile of mess;

Doesn't look much does it? Well in that pile there was exactly all this stuff;

2 bags of Winalot coat conditioning treats
1 bag of tesco finest dental chews
1 pack of 2 bakers twist chews
2 raw hide pig ears
1 pack of pedigree rodeo chews
1 pack of pedigree schmackos
1 box of various biscuits
and various chew sticks

1 Shedding blade
1 double sided brush
1 horse brush
1 short haired brush
1 toothpaste & toothbrush
1 primrose oil shampoo

2 Bones!

How did it all ever fit in that pile?!

Well now it is nice and neat and ive chucked away all the broken biscuits.

OH and of course when I started cleaning it out a certain 'ahem' needlenose appeared!!!!


  1. Hi there -
    Linked to your blog via Life With Dogs - nice to meet some hounds! There are 3 greyhounds in our extended family (my dad has one, sister has 2), and we love how graceful & gentle they are, and have a funny sense of humor too! Good luck with the new girl, she is gorgeous! Feel free to stop by our blog sometime, if you don't mind flat-faced dogs (and there is an occasional guest appearance by a greyhound!)

    Brutus the Frenchie

  2. Greyt to meet you. Glad you stopped by my blog.
    Greyhounds are definitely like potato chips you can't have just one :-)

  3. Hiya - it is a pleasure to meet you - we are the bull y brats - life with dogs sent us over - what a great pile of stuff - hopefully you got some of the nummies that mommy says were broken

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  4. She gave me a piece of beef jerky that was floating about :D

    She's bagged the rest of the non broken biscuits and is giving them to the grey's looking for homes in the kennels tomorrow when we collect Harley. I wont eat them so the other grey's might aswell have them :)

  5. A new sister Tango?? You must be so very excited!!! Looks like your human is getting everything in order!!

    Can't wait to meet Harley!!

    LWD also sent us over here to see you cute greyhounds! So nice to see a family adopting racing retirees!!

    Dory and Beth (the Mama)