Sunday, 9 August 2009

Our new Grey

Today we went on our Waseley Hill RGT walk with Tango, we went for half of the walk and then turned back and headed to the RGT's kennels to view bitches that needed a home.

We looked at Lady, Lucy, Zoe and Valerie, but all of them had a growl at poor Tango, we thought they were all going to have issues with him until Harley come back off her walk. She is a gorgeous blue colour wiv a spot of white in the exact same place as Tango.

She didnt growl she just walked nicely with him and in the paddock she didnt take any notice of him, which is better than growling!

We hope she will be perfect and settle well into our routine.

Images are from the RGT walk today, except the 1st and 3rd photo which are of our new blue bitch Harley who we pick up next weekend :) x



  1. Thanks, so excited to bring her home x

  2. Congrats, Harley looks awesome !

  3. Harley is gorgeous! I hope she and Tango will be very happy together!