Saturday, 15 August 2009

Harley's Home!

Today we fetched Harley to come back to her new forever home, bless her at the kennels she was nervous and overall just abit confused. On the ride home she settled down and just watched out the windows and sniffed tangos usual place.

We let them both have a play around the garden together but Harley was more interested in sniffing everything than messing about with Tango.

Now they are both indoors, Harley has taken a shine to the furry rug and Tango's on his usual sofa, earlier they had a bark at each other when they both raced upto me, it was mainly tango though, it'll take some time giving up his spots to Harley. Unfortunately Tango having to be muzzled to keep his jealousy under control has led to his operation wound bleeding a little, so we are abit wary of putting it back on because it will keep agitating it and making it sore. Tonight I think we wanted to muzzle them both, maybe we can do a custom job on tangos muzzle and make it fleecey around the nose band!


UPDATE: Since the earlier grumble at each other, there has been no more like it and both are snoozing happily away near the front window, Harley has taken a shine to the corner of the room, I dont think she realises there is a number of beds spread around the house for her.

UPDATE: All has been good, Harley is more playful and alot faster than Tango, so when they both had a play in the garden Tango didnt like her bounding into him but hes just jealous of her athletic ability! They have both been put to bed, no muzzles, two seperate beds been put in they have had a bark at each other once, mainly cause she is trying to get on Tango's bed and hes abit mardy about it. If it happens again I think I will have to break them up for tonight, wouldnt be fair on Harley her first night.
I'll let you know how it goes in the morning. goodnight


  1. Harley you are beautiful! I just love the color of your coat. Hope Tango and you will two peas in a pod in no time :)

    Michelle & Brutus the Frenchie
    P.S. We spent the morning at a greyhound rescue event, got to watch some of our cousins lure course. We'll post pictures early next week!!

  2. Harley is gorgeous, no doubt about it!
    No worries, if our grumpy ol' Pepsi can accept new room mates anyone can. It just takes a few days for them to work out the ground rules.

  3. Good luck with the integration - sounds like it is going pretty well so far

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  4. Welcome Home Harley!! I hope things keep on progressing in a happy note and that everyone got a good night's sleep!