Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tango's Operation

Tango is back home from his op, he has been given what i call a lamp shade, to put round his neck, but whilst he is in our view and isn't scratching it, we have took it off so he will settle down and not pace about.

He doesn't seem very fazed, his usual whingy, cuddly self. He has got a shaved patch on his front leg and on the side of his neck which they used for blood samples, which come back all good for a dog of 5 years of age.

His op went without any glitches so thats good, the photo is of the wound on his nose from the op (still swollen) he still looks very adorable even with this little hiccup on his face. Im sure he will be getting LOADS of sympathy cuddles on sunday at the RGT walk!

We also might be viewing the greys looking for a home after the walk, we want a second one because Tango loves company of other greys, and we hope it will help him settle down instead of pacing about looking for attention all the time!

Give you an update soon on how he is getting on and a picture to show the wound looking less swollen e.t.c!

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