Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday outing

Hey people, Tango here giving humans a break from doing all the blogging, today me and the servants went on a trip to 'Bradgate Park' in Leicestershire which is the heart of the National Forest.

There was loads and loads of people there even though it was really windy and cold, equally as many doggys aswell, we saw another greyhound called 'Kitty' she was from a ex racer charity too, we got all our leads muddled up which is only natural when you have butts to sniff!

This was the first outing in the new car which humans got for us so we had loads of room to lie down in, Harley is quite protective of her new ride and has become the role of "watch dog".

When we finally got there after Harley treading on me for the 5th or 6th time we jumped down and were ready for the off.

On the way round we noticed some strange looking creatures, the humans called them Deers, and said they didn't want to play with me or Harley :( They had big things coming off their heads, they looked so silly hehe.

We carried on abit further past a lake and smelt a few more doggy bums, when we got round the corner.. guess what LOADS of those 'deer things', Harley was pulling to get at them but failed to pull away.

Further on there was a cafe where the humans stopped for a rest, some other humans nearby where playing football, I think Harley wanted to join in, or maybe just chew the ball up, who knows.

I of course, on my best behavior just stood and watched everything go on without a fuss.

OMG rabbit, oh wait no, just a fluffy dog.

MMMMM anything for us???

After trying to scrounge some food (which failed) we headed back to the car, on the way we past a family who fussed us and said they had a Lurcher and explained to their son that Lurchers are a crossbreed that are related to greyhounds. We also heard one little boy shout "Wow, greyhounds! They ARE the fastest dogs on the earth!". Two other kids came over and stroked us saying we were 'cool dogs'.
We felt like celebrities!

Me & Harley went to visit the ducks on the stream on the way back, Harley tried to jump in which scared all of the ducks, luckily human pulled back just in time, naughty naughty!

I didn't find the ducks very interesting if im honest.

I was interested in the mini waterfall though, it splashed everywhere, it looked really cold though so I didnt fancy going in for a skinny dip!

Humans tried to get a photo of Harley for her 'Happy homings' page on the Hall Green RGT website, after around 3/4 blurry takes they finally got one that wasn't just a big blur.

Finally we got back to the car and I collapsed straight away, whilst Harley went back onto watch dog duties.

On the way home the humans made a stop at a shop called 'Pets at home'.

The shop had only been open a week, they went in to see if they sold the food we eat which is special pet greyhound stuff, they didn't though but they did come out with;
x.Meaty chews
x.Paddywhack natural treats
x.Cod liver oil supplement
x.Coat & skin treats
x.Raw hide chew
x.Squeaky pheasant toy (which I LOVE).

Im home now and everybody is asleep, in fact one of the humans is using me as a pillow!! The cheek, anyways I'll love you and leave you all.


  1. What a nice day out with lots of sights, smells and new friends. Have fun with your new treats - I've got to get to the store, too, to get some new ones.

  2. What a fun day you had! Nature, wildlife, walkies, and a trip to the pet store to boot! Bet you'll all sleep good tonite!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  3. Wow Tango...sounds like you had lots of excitement and FUN!! Very glad to see Harley watch dogging the car and both of you getting on so well!!!