Sunday, 16 August 2009

Dog Show Result

Today me & my Mum went to the Perry Bar RGT Fun Dog Show, they had 2 rings for greyhound only classes (serious & novelty) and 2 for non-greyhounds (pedigree & crossbreed). They also had a small ring for fun agility, which I saw a cute whippet trying to get over a jump, it wasn't going to happen though!

Perry Barr RGT

We entered;

Most appealing eyes - Tango
Prettiest Bitch - Harley
Best 6 legs - Tango
Best greyhound not rehomed by Perry Barr RGT - Harley & Tango

... We won one 3rd place rosette! Harley came 3rd in greyhound not rehomed by Perry Barr. Honestly I think the judge was sick of seeing me and thought if I give her a rosette maybe she will stop entering! :P Tango didn't win any, but he does look abit of a patchwork greyhound at the moment with several shaved patches from his recent operation. Harley still has her stitches in but luckily you couldn't see them to much.

Next show: Great Greyhound Gathering at Nottingham Race Course, this will be the biggest show of the year, so look out Nottingham! :P

ps. Would love to hear of any other UK hounds going to the GGG this year in September, drop me a line!


  1. congrats on the win - sounds like a really nice time

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  2. Good job Harles - you certainly are setting the bar high! Did you try any of the jumping? I saw a hound go through an agility tunnel once - had to bend way down to fit in & army-crawl through (not exactly fast or graceful!). Hope you had a good time!

    Brutus the Frenchie
    P.S. lot of hounds on our post tomorrow!!

  3. Looking forward to tomorrow's post Brutus :)