Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tango update

I haven't posted a blog in a long time, mainly due to more hours at work, socializing and generally being my dogs servant.

In my last few blogs I have posted about how I had adopted a retired greyhound called Tango. We've had him now for 4 months and he is well and truly settled in.

Recently however he started growing a very small lump on his nose, it started as a very small white lump, similar to a wart, we left it but it started to increase is size and become red in colour. The vet says its most likely a cyst that has grew and will disappear but incase it is anything nastier we have decided to have it removed. His operation is tomorrow, he wont have to stop over night which is good, I don't think he would of settled or slept in a strange place very well.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow when he is home, the vet says he will have a small shaved patch which couldn't of come at a worst time because its prime retired greyhound show season!

We've already won a 2nd place in a show, we were shortlined in our last but beaten by a very lovely labrador. Our next shows though are greyhound only, which will be fun, lets hope his short black nose hair will of grown back by then!!

Were going to a retired greyhound walk on Sunday which will be fun, we like to go regular so the RGT we got him from can see his progress. Since we have had him he has become more and more handsome every week. His coat is fabulous and shiny now, when it use to be dull and scruffy before.

Ill leave you with a compilation video of Tango! x


  1. I hope Tango's surgery goes well tomorrow!

    "Orange Disorder"... funny name.


  2. Thanks I will post tomorrow night on how he is getting on, hopefully it all goes well. x