Friday, 14 August 2009

Racing Past

I love looking at Greyhound's racing past, Tango's racing name was 'Orange Disorder' and Harley's is 'Playboy Harley'.
Ive struggled to find out alot about Tango's previous owners, only finding his UK owner who only raced him a few times before retiring him, I can't find any information on his Ireland owner.

However Harley's past is abit easier to track, she came from Ireland pretty much straight from being schooled, I looked up her trainer, and found a profile on him and found this paragraph of text:

" The dogs welfare under Simon always comes first and he has all the latest physio/exercise equipment to hand. He has 4 full-time staff and two part-time, plus the help of his parents Steven and Elaine. Any followers of greyhounds should keep an eye out for any dogs emerging from Weatheroak Kennels with "Playboy" in their name, as some of the better prospects bred and reared by Simon will carry this prefix."

'Playboy Harley', obviously one of the trainers 'better prospects' haha! Its so interesting looking at racing past, I found videos of Tango racing and put them into a compilation video which I'll put at the end of this blog.

I'd love to know everybody else's Grey's racing name's I love looking them up on :)

So excited about getting Harley tomorrow!! Got all the stuff for her, her ID tag is the same as Tango's so they can't get jealous of better tags! We still have to buy her a food stand, waterproof/fleece coat and a martingale, but we buy all of these from the RGT we get her from so it helps them with every purchase.

Anyway as promised, heres Tango's biggest victory piled into one video lol!



  1. wow we never saw a dog race - thanx for sharing - but especially enjoyed the ending

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  2. Wow... I'm so jealous you have video of your hound racing. I would pay big bucks for a photo or video of any of mine.

    For GH Data, my hounds are:

    SA Dallas or Never Had Braces (they let her have 2 names)
    EO's Jigmo or Never Expected (he gets 2 names too :-)
    Bob's Tilly
    Never Swing Left
    Never Make It

    I enjoy poking around the database too!


  3. I think Ireland & UK are quite good for keeping videos of their hounds, they get quite alot of press over here by big TV companies so there is always videos floating about.

    Haven't got any videos of Harley unfortunately.