Monday, 30 March 2009

My Favorite Tanner :D

So yeah, a week or two ago, I went into boots and they had a clearance section, I checked out the stuff on it, and they had some no.7 Tinted tanning lotion. £5.65 instead of £11.50.

I thought I'd give it ago, I got the light/medium colour.

The packaging and the bottle is really nice, as son as you put it on you have a really lovely glow to your skin! I;ve been using it about every 3 days since I've got it, and I;ve got a really well built up tan now! I LOVE it, so much better than any Garnier, etc, tanning products. Its worth the original price to, so £5.65 makes it even better. I can't stop using it I love it. The real tan develops in 1-2 hours, but you can defo see the tan more after you have slept the next morning.

I went back and brought another, but they had ran out of light/medium, so i had to get a medium/dark, I'll see how this colour comes out, I may just stick to once a week with it being darker, I dont want to change my race exactly :)

Defo going to buy the new Dream Satin Foundation, heard good reviews on it and its so cheap :)


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