Sunday, 8 March 2009

Crufts Today!

Im going crufts today, for people who dont know what crufts is, Its one of the biggest dog shows in the world, at the NEC in Birmingham, I'm seeing the best in show aswell which Ive wanted to do for years! So excited.


I'm a dog lover! Although I dont have any myself, I dont live in the right situation, with work/college e.t.c

Im not sure what to wear, I dont wanna go OTT, its just a dog show, but I wanna look good. Jeans and something I suspect. I want to wear some leggings, but I dont have anything long enough to be appropriate for a dog show.

I went out last night, first time in a while cos Ive been working alot of Saturdays & Sundays. I didnt drink, I was driving, which made the night pretty dull for a sober person.  I just like going out so I can do make up & put outfits together lol.

I best start getting ready then, got sandwiches to make, Oh darn forgot to put my eye gel on last night, just remembered!

KG xxxxxx

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