Tuesday, 10 March 2009



So yeah, I went to crufts, from around like 11.30am-9pm. 

I really enjoyed seeing all the different breeds, I'd love to show dogs, I'm determined to get a dog, I dont mind what breed, I just love dogs for dogs.

The judging of the working & pastoral groups was long, and got abit tedious, I thought the Old english sheepdog that won the pastoral, was abit of a typical winner. However was pleasantly surprised at the Boxer winning the Working group.

The best in show however, Im not sure I would of picked the Sealyham terrier, It was a lovely dog, but I thought the Standard poodle, Pharaoh hound or Papilon showed lovely and would of been more worthy winners. The judge specialized in terriers, and lived in America, so alot of people are going criticize him for picking a breed type that he specialized in and the breeder being American herself.

Im not that fussed really, I cant wait for next year, Im so going lol!


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