Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I heart Barry M + Spendings

I cant get enough of Barry M nail paints at the moment, I've got 4 so far and looking to purchase as many as possible. So far I have:

129 Chocolate Brown
293 Grey
289 Gold
273 Raspberry

I love raspberry, I also match grey & brown together, It look kinda of antique-ish or maybe tribal-ish!

I may buy the bright blue one tomorrow, I loved it and couldnt make a decision between the blue & raspberry, so ill get both. I cant paint my nails for crap! Im rubbish, I cant have false nails either because they are a health and safety violation at work.... boring!

Im watching Horne & Cordon atm, funny! I love both of the guys in it, James Cordon is weirdly attractive, dont you think?!

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