Thursday, 12 March 2009

Oh My Days

I spent all my money!!!!!!

I brought some new shoes, £25 from New Look, snakeskin, black, very high heeled and very strappy, I really love love love them, hard to walk in, but they are beautiful, mmmmmm.

I also brought a lovely top, £20, black, pink & grey, so very bold & clashy, very me :D
I couldnt find a photo of it on their website to show you, Ill try and get one of me wearing it haha.

 I also brought another Barry M nail varnish, :D the blue one I talked about in my last spending blog, 291 Cobalt blue, not tried it yet, it Looks lovely though!

I also brought wiv a £5 off voucher a No7 nail varnish, 38 Peach Glaze, a lovely peach/coral colour, so very on trend colour, Im going to put it on after I've finished this blog.

I also got.... Rimmel's new eyeliner, Exaggerate waterproof eye definer, in Black, which comes with a smudger on the other end to help give the smokey eye look, Cant wait to try it i LOVE smokey eyes, my favorite.

I also brought a new make up brush, I've had my eye on this for a while, Ruby & Millie Stipple Face Brush, basically like Mac's duo fibre brush, but £10 cheaper.

I also got some tights I had to buy them in Large/ XLarge because, im 5ft 9 or over, other sizes dont fit my long lanky legs!

I think that is everything,  o wait no, I got a bracelet from claires accessories for my mum for mother's day, its not her only present, im going to buy her several small things and put them all together, already got her card, a cute me to you one.

She isnt a soppy mum so I have to be careful what kind of card I get her!

Im gona paint my nails now :D

KG xxxxxx

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