Sunday, 22 March 2009

New Mac Purchases & Sunday Market

I'll start off with my new MAC purchases :)

First off I got two new eyeshadows,

1. Charcoal Brown
2. Black Tied

I really like both these colours, espially the charcoal brown, its a really nice light matte brown, perfect for a new look im trying to perfect! The black tied wouldnt of been my first choice but they didnt have any carbon in, so I got black tied which will be great for nights out with the silver sparkle in them.

I also got a new lustre lipstick, this is in the colour "Ent Twined" I've looked on their website and you can't even buy it on the website anymore, im guessing its a colour that Isn't run anymore, but its a really nice light browny cream colour, its so nice. 

Thats all the MAC stuff I brought.

I went to sunday market today and I brought a big hello kitty plaque for my bedroom door XD Also these hot chocolate things that are like 2 quid each in tesco's these were 2 for £1, (oh how I love markets). I also got a box of Fruit Salad sweets, not had them in ages!

Hmm what else did I buy, oh a jacket potato lol some make up and other things which I can't remember!  

You can get such bargains at Sunday markets, I love them :D

KG xx

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