Sunday, 13 September 2009

RGT walk 13/9

The monthly Hall Green RGT walk was today, which means Waseley Hills country park was awash with hounds and their owners!

They did the usual walking route up the hill, around the woods, and back round, it takes roughly 30-40 minutes, its just enough to tire you with the hills e.t.c.

They had their merchandise stall up today so we purchased Harley a new house collar, in the same style as Tango's.

We also got Harley microchipped whilst we were there which she didn't enjoy but soon forgot about it when she saw the sausages were being passed around!

Today we saw...




Pretty Fawn waiting for there nails to be trimmed

Yay for speckled greys!

Tango resigned to the 'Black with Grey faces group'

Pointy ears!

Last but not least Tango & Harley on their travels..


  1. Never seen a speckled grey before! Isn't it funny how they sort of flock together with similar looking dogs? Guess it's not just birds of a
    Love the collar!!


  2. Sounds like fun. Lily loves that pink collar. You guys sure are cuties
    Benny & Lily