Friday, 11 September 2009

A Greyhounds Family

Im really interested in a racing greyhounds past, researching their races, mother, father, siblings and any other connections. I was recently searching up on Tango's history (his seems to be easier to access Harley's is a little harder.)

Tango 'Orange Disorder'


Antrim Classic
Orange Disorder
Smarty Jones
Sweaty Betty
Yes No Maybe

Antrim classic was by far the greatest of the litter, he won numerous open races and was the runner up in the Irish Derby, he was Tango's double in looks. I found this photo of him on greyhound-data, he has the grey face and the orange eyes, just like Tango.

Unfortunately with more research I found that he has also passed away since, I couldn't find out how, but may he be resting well over the rainbow bridge after serving the sport so well.

Yes No Maybe was a big blue boy, he had 75 races and won around 15. There was not much on him, no photos but videos (which im posting at the end).

Sweaty Betty (what a name!!!) was a small blue bitch who had a mere 6 races, winning none! There is a video of her racing, but its more like a comedy sketch with the commentator shouting 'Sweaty Betty' over and over. Again no photos e.t.c.

Smarty Jones supposedly had no races, and nothing available about him, hopefully on somebodies sofa now!

Harley 'Playboy Harley'

She supposedly only had one registered sibling, 'Coolanga Chord', again a mere 6 races, which she won 1 of them, also a small blue bitch like Harley, again no photos but videos.

I find all of this very interesting, I love being able to see their family racing and comparing to how Tango & Harley ran themselves.

Yes No Maybe:

Antrim Classic:

Sweaty Betty:

Coolanga Chord:


  1. Where do they ever come up with these names? I thought that THoroughbreds had some strange monikers, but I think Greyhounds take the cake! The best horse name I ever heard of is "Hoof Hearted" - sounds gallant enough, but when pronounced repeatedly during the race ends up sounding like "Who Farted"!!!

    Thanks for sharing the videos! Very fun to watch!!
    Michelle & Brutus

  2. Awesome footage! I could SO never run like that!


  3. Ohh im sure you could Dory if you put some stilts on your little legs hehe!

  4. Hi, found heaps about my boy at Cheers Spiffo