Thursday, 9 April 2009

Whats been going off...

Well, not posted for a while, I dont know why! Lost the urge to write on blogger, but I feel abit more motivated to write now.

Nothin that excitin or crap been going off, here ya go:

  1. Were getting a dog :D Retired greyhound to be specific, they are such graceful, docile dogs, they are perfect. Everybody has moaned sayin they are to skinny, but hey they are just jealous they dont have such a toned body haha! :P Were going tomorrow (10/4/09) to meet them and hopefully pick one out to be our forever pet :)
  2. Been spending more time with my Mum, cooking dinner e,t,c. Enjoyed it, althought im a very independent person I hate it when I cant have time to myself, luckily shes a 9-5 worked so I get time in the day If im not working.
  3. Started walking, there is a lake near me, quite big, but not the biggest ive seen, I've walked around that twice in a week, will go on Sunday probably, need to keep it up, I want to be more toned and healthy for my own self's sake.
My mum went on holiday to Tenerife about a week ago, she brought me back a nice bag, and a Yves Saint Laurent Lip gloss, but it has a twice, litrally, its called  'Lip twins' in number 6. You pull the top and a small lip brush comes out, and then you twist the top and you get a pink colour twist again and you get a more redder colour, I've not used it yet, im scared of ruining it and making it look horrible! I will though! one day.

Also I'm still OTT on the dream satin foundation, I love it so much, and im so happy its a drugstore brand, I would still love to try mac's studio sculpt though, but for now Dream Satin all the way!

I tried some no.7 Star Perfect compact foundation the other week, I got it in '20 Blonde'. (I'm not blonde lol!) bu im quite fair skinned and this seemed light, It was however a tiny bit to orange, but nothing drastic that abit of lighter powder couldnt fix, don't know what to say on it really, I havent used it enough to comment on its staying power, I didnt think it gave me enough coverage, but then again I need to use it abit more thoroughly before  I judge it as mediocre. 

Just a note aswell, I noticed people raving about the 101 lippaint by barry M, I saw this on lollipop26's blog, who I follow religously! I brought this before I read what she had put about it, and I find it great for nuding lip colours out, but I darent wear it by itself, because I find it goes abit, well, cakey looking, it looks ded pasty and I find it hard to settle, I do use it with clear lipgloss though and it looks fab like that.

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